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  1. In order to provide the website user with the full-fledged services of the Https://epi-g.eu/ electronic store, cookies may be stored on the store user’s computer (device)). Cookies are computer data (usually small text files) that can be saved to the temporary file directory of the user’s computer browser on the Https://epi-g.eu/ website. Cookies on the Https://epi-g.eu/ website are used only to ensure the availability of functions, to improve them or to provide users with better browsing opportunities. The seller uses the recorded information to identify the user as a previous visitor to the Https://epi-g.eu/ online store, to save information about purchases placed in the user’s shopping cart, and to collect Https://epi-g.eu/ online store attendance statistics.
  2. In order to implement the functions specified in point 1, the website Https://epi-g.eu/ uses cookies for the following purposes:
    • to remember the products that the user added to the cart during the last visit;
    • to save the contents of the user’s shopping cart until the user has confirmed the purchase;
    • to ensure the operation of the main functions of the website Https://epi-g.eu/;
    • to remember your previous visit to the website Https://epi-g.eu/;
  3. In most cases, the software used to view websites (Internet browsers) is pre-set to allow cookies to be stored on the user’s computer. The user can change the cookie settings at any time – prevent the browser from automatically saving cookies on the computer or choose to receive information about the saving of cookies on the computer. More detailed information about the use of cookies can also be found in the Internet browser settings.
  4. The user has the opportunity to view what information (cookies) Https://epi-g.eu/ records, and can delete part or all of the recorded cookies. By approving this Cookie Policy, the User agrees to save the cookies provided for in this Cookie Policy on his computer (device). The user can revoke this consent at any time by changing the settings of his internet browser, but in this case certain functions of the Https://epi-g.eu/ online store may not work for him.
  5. We would like to inform you that after restricting cookies, some functions of the website may no longer work.
  6. The website Https://epi-g.eu/ does not automatically collect any information except that which is contained in cookie files.
  7. Cookies saved on the Internet user’s computer can also be used by the website administrator’s partners and advertising companies.
  8. In implementing this Cookie Policy, Https://epi-g.eu/ also applies and complies with the requirements specified in the Privacy Policy.


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